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Guza in the 1950's
Guza at the age of 25
Guza in her youth
Guza (left) in her late twenties
Guza approaching the 'shrine' at Girgenti
Guza at her house 1
Guza at her house 2
Guza at her house 3
Guza at her house 4
Guza at her house
Guza in the 'chapel' at her house holding the crucifix adorned with flowers
Guza in the chapel at her house
Guza in the valley of Girgenti
Guza Mifsud (1923-1996)
Guza near the image Our Lady of Consecration, early 1980's
Guza near the image Our Lady of Consecration
Guza near the statue of Our Lady at Girgenti
Guza near water trough at Girgenti
Obedience and Humbleness, 26th April 1990
Guza's armchair and cassette recorder
Guza's bed
Guza's bedroom from a different angle
Guza's bedroom
Guza's chair and statues in the 'chapel' at her house
Guza's yard
The bed on which Guza died
The wicker basket used by Guza to carry water and hot water upstairs
29th October 1996, Guza's coffin carried to St. John's chapel
An enamel wash hand basin, Guza's humble 'bathroom'
29th October1996, Guza at St. John's chapel
30th October 1996 Funeral cortege approaching Siggiewi's Parish Church
30th October 1996 Funeral cortege in Siggiewi's square
30th October 1996 Mons. Carmelo Xuereb, et. during Guza's funeral mass
30th October 1996 Rev. Fr. Richard Borg, Parish Priest blessing the coffin
30th October 1996, coffin leaves St. John's chapel
30th October1996 Rev. Fr. Daniel Schembri blessing coffin in Siggiewi's cemetry

Pictures related to Guza Mifsud
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Pictures related to Girgenti
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5th May 1986 Statue at Guza's house
5th May 1986 Statue being loaded
5th May 1986 People awaiting arrival of statue near Troll
5th May 1986 Statue carried  in procession to 'shrine'
5th May 1986 Statue placed on pedestal
Guza addressing the September 1992 congregation
May 1987 congregation
May 1987 prayer meeting
May 1988 prayer meeting
May 1988, Guza explaining the importance of the water at Girgenti
May 1988, Guza pouring water in the trough at Girgenti
November 1988, part of congregation attending meeting
Part of congregation during April 1993 prayer meeting
January 1988,Guza addressing the congregation
Guza during January's 1988 prayer meeting
April 1989, Guza tying herself with ropes
April 1989, Guza tied up with ropes
April 1989, Guza tied with ropes
April 1989, Guza displaying picture of Our Lady of Sorrows and a crucifix
Guza during the November 1990 prayer meeting
May 1989, pilgrimage
October 1990, detail of five letters embroidered on Guza's dress
August 1992, prayer meeting
May 1992, Guza embracing the cross at the 'shrine'
May 1992, Guza in front of the cross at the 'shrine'
May 1992, Guza near the cross at the 'shrine'
May 1992, prayer meeting
Mons. Carmelo Xuereb, Vicar Emeritus, addressing the May 1992 congregation
February 1993, Mons. Buontempo blessing St. Michael's statue at Girgenti
May 1993 pilgrimage
May 1993 prayer meeting
Guza addressing the May 1994 congregation
May 1994 pilgrimage
May 1994 prayer meeting
April 1995, Guza embracing the crucifix
July 1995, Prayer meeting at Girgenti
October 1996, last prayer meeting addressed by Guza
October 1996, last prayer meeting attended by Guza
May 1997 pilgrimage
May 1997 congregation
May 1998 pilgrimage
May 1998 prayer meeting

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Image of Our Lady of Consecration as drawn by Guza
Image of Our Lady of Girgenti as drawn by Guza
Statue of Our Lady at Girgenti
The statue of Our Lady at Girgenti
The cross at Girgenti
Statue of St. Joseph at Girgenti
The statue of St Michael at Girgenti
The bell at Girgenti
The adorned image of Our Lady of Consecration
Girgenti 'shrine' 1986-1992
Another view of Girgenti 'shrine' 1986-1992
Aerial view of Girgenti meeting place
Another aerial view of Girgenti
Overall view of the 'shrine' at Girgenti
View of part of the 'shrine' at Girgenti
Guza with Archbishop Mons. G. Mercieca, et
Guza with Mons. Annetto Depasquale, et
Guza and Mons. Carmelo Xuereb, Vicar Emeritus
Mons. Amante Buontemp and Guza
Mons. Salv. Grima and Guza
Mons Salv Grima, Spiritual Director and Guza
Mons. Salv. Grima and Guza looking at image of Our Lady
27th January 1989 Anna, Guza's sister during the latter's birthday
December 1987, stains on the wall at Guza's house
Statue at scultpor's workshop
November 1994 - Guza's note regarding her perpetual vows
19th March 2003, Mons. A. Buontempo celebrating mass at Girgenti
19th March 2003, Rev. Fr. Nazzaren Tonna assisting Mons. Buontempo
19th March 2003, Congregation during mass at Girgenti

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Hymn to Our Lady of Consecration

Extracts from speeches

Statue of Our Lady (2.3 Mb)
The church to be built (2.7 Mb)
The water at Girgenti (2.2 Mb)
The Holy Eucharist (1.7 Mb)
The Passion of Christ (2.4 Mb)
Decency in Dress (1.8 Mb)
Prayers by Guza (4.0 Mb)

The Rosary

First Sorrowful Mystery (3.2 Mb)
Second Sorrowful Mystery (2.9 Mb)
Third Sorrowful Mystery (2.9 Mb)
Fourth Sorrowful Mystery (2.9 Mb)
Fifth Sorrowful Mystery (3.4 Mb)
Prayer for the Pope's intention et.
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